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How Qld Covert Investigations Can Protect Your Privacy with Bug Sweeping Services

How Qld Covert Investigations Can Protect Your Privacy with Bug Sweeping Services Have you ever wondered if someone is spying on you or your business? Do you have sensitive information that you want to keep confidential? Do you suspect that your competitors, ex-partners, or enemies are trying to sabotage you or steal your secrets?

05 Mar

The Crucial Role of Surveillance in Security Across Australia

In today's rapidly evolving world, security has become an ever-pressing concern in various locations across Australia. From protecting homes to securing businesses, surveillance systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding our environments. The effectiveness of a security system often depends on its surveillance capabilities, which is why it's imperative to understand the significance of surveillance in security in places like Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, New South Wales, Sydney, and Melbourne.

18 Feb

A TSCM Sweep to Eliminate Vulnerabilities

A vulnerability is a breach of your data security measures. In business, these are the steps you take to shield your information from contamination, loss or theft. Imagine for a moment if your emails, accounting records and client files vanished from your computers. A TSCM Sweep could help prevent this happening

31 Jan

Essential Background Checks for Employment Purposes

Hiring a new employee for our company can bring great benefits in terms of talent and experience. However, we do need to be careful not to accidentally import insider threats, especially as these can remain dormant for some years. Most Australians respect their employers’ rights and interests. We share five essential background checks for weeding out the remainder, who could represent a potential threat to our profitability and customer relationships.

22 Dec

Surveillance Investigators in Australia

Private surveillance investigators provide confidential information they uncover, to government agencies, corporate entities and the public. This covers, but does not limit to fraud, mismanagement, accident investigation, occupational health and safety issues, family matters, child protection, missing persons, and personal backgrounds.

11 Nov

Investigating Work Cover Fraud in Australia

The Australian government takes work cover fraud extremely seriously. The number of incidents is continuing to rise, and ultimately employers pay the bill. However, and perhaps more seriously work cover fraudsters are dishonest people. Employers should consider rooting them out before they commit more serious work-related crimes.

31 Oct

Forensic Investigation - The Importance of Mobile Phones

Mobile forensics. That’s all the rage when it comes to private investigation , criminal case investigation or any other kind of investigation. But why is it so important? What is so special about it? To find out, keep reading

10 Sep

Types of Private Investigator Surveillance We Do

There are three broad types of private investigator surveillance a private eye conducts on behalf of clients. We describe what these are in this post. Please do contact QLD Covert Investigations on Gold Coast, Queensland Australia if you feel you need more information.

31 Aug

Forensic Investigation - The Importance of Mobile Phones

Mobile forensics. That’s all the rage when it comes to private investigation , criminal case investigation or any other kind of investigation. But why is it so important? What is so special about it? To find out, keep reading.

15 Aug

Finding Missing Persons Australia Families Mourn

People go missing every day in Australia. In New South Wales, for example that can be as many as 200 every week. Almost all of them, at least 90% return to where they belong within five days. We help find the remaining missing persons Australia cannot forget. This is a time-consuming task, so we encourage new clients to try these tips first.

19 Jul

Desktop Background Investigations Play a Central Role

When Sherlock Holmes was stalking criminals in Arthur Conan Doyle’s days, a magnifying glass, stout walking shoes, and a bloodhound were his stock in trade. That made sense because all evidence was physical, and they had not invented computers yet.

15 Jun

Fraud Prevention For Workers Compensation: How To Protect Your Policy And Your People

For many businesses, it is essential to have workers' compensation coverage. It protects both employees and employers if an injury occurs on the job. Workers' compensation covers many important expenses such as lost wages, rehab services, and medical costs. However, fraud is always possible whenever there are benefits. 

16 May

Skip Tracing Debtors: An Insider View

Skip tracing debtors refers to the old adage ‘they skipped town to avoid paying the rent’ to cite one example. Nowadays we refer to it as the process for finding a person’s whereabouts. However, the searches are still commonly requested by people to whom the missing persons owe money.

30 Apr

Can You Avoid the Need for Bug Sweep Services?

Nowadays we are so well geared to protect ourselves against computer spyware, we almost forget the need for bug sweep services. Perhaps we should think again, because we are not only sharing information when we are on our computers.  We could give away our precious passwords during idle chatter on a phone, to a criminal listening in. It is also not inconceivable that they could video us while we are typing it. Okay fair enough we hear you say, but why can’t my own people do the checks?  

22 Mar

Holding Computer Information Safely During Lock Downs and Attacks

Having to shelter during COVID-19 surges directed criminals into new forms of crime. They grasped the opportunity to prey on people working from home for the first time. Because they knew many of these individuals had relied for too long on the security offered by centralized systems. And they knew next to nothing about holding computer information safely at home.  

08 Feb

Surveillance during Work Cover Claims within Limits

Overstated work cover claims are fairly common in Australia. We don’t hold with this practice, because it could divert funds away from deserving cases. Fraudulent claimants sometimes receive legal advice to help them cover up the truth.

27 Jan

Covert Investigations and What You May Need to Know

If we browse through a department store noting prices to compare with other retailers, then we are conducting an open study. A floor walker may politely inquire why we are doing this, but they can’t really stop us.

30 Dec

Does Infidelity on the Internet Justify Surveillance?

Infidelity is the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse, or other sexual partner. However, infidelity on the internet is subtly different. That’s because it does not involve actually meeting, although physical unfaithfulness could follow of course

15 Nov

Do You Really Need a Home Bug Sweep Service?

Australia has become accustomed to hearing stories of businesses spying on each other, grabbing contracts and staying up to speed with their technology. But we often forget those criminals also plant bugs in key employees’ homes, where security is lax and access is easier to obtain. A professional home bug sweep is the surest way to know if this affects a key member of your team.

30 Oct

Desktop Investigations Trace Missing Teens on Facebook

If you were to ask your teenager which social media sites they prefer, then Facebook will appear on the list. This means, if your teen has been missing for a while they may still be using Facebook to stay in touch with friends. Our desktop investigations trace missing children this way with surprising success.

19 Sep

Do You Know Your Kids are Safe with COVID Around?

By now we know we need more than a few virions of the coronavirus to generate a serious infection. It also seems likely a ‘shotgun effect’ in a crowd is most deadly. That’s the rational for discouraging large groups forming during a surge of infections. But how do you know your kids are safe when they’re out on their own.

01 Aug

How to Locate Debtors Anywhere in Australia Yourself

Even serial debtors leave trails behind them. Even if they assume a false identity they still need a record to qualify for finance, credit or to rent property. This article is for creditors whose trust may have been over generous. But at least they have enough core information to locate debtors in Australia.

16 Jul

Finding Missing People Across Australia’s States and Territories

Australia is a big haystack in which to lose a missing person. Our inner cities are eerily quiet after dark since the virus. While deep in the outback folk are as reticent about strangers asking questions as ever. Finding missing persons across Australia’s vast spaces is a challenge at the best of times.  

20 Jun

Are Skip Tracing and Missing Persons the Same Thing?

There certainly are some similarities in techniques our private detectives apply, when solving skip tracing and missing person cases. However, there are also subtle differences requiring more adaptive approaches. We unpick these considerations drawing on the deep experience we have of both situations.

15 May

Could You Do Your Own Infidelity Surveillance in Seven Steps?

Unfaithfulness usually occurs in places the jilted partner never goes. That’s why clients ask us to do infidelity surveillances on their behalf. However, in a number of instances they might have discovered critical clues if they looked. Here are seven suggestions if you decide to do your own infidelity surveillance.

26 Apr

Bug Sweeping Away Risks in Business

One of the greatest business risks we face is the insider threat. That’s a trusted employee with a grievance, or a worker with a cash flow crisis that’s open to bribes. They don’t need to be senior employees. They just need access to our data. QLD Covert Investigations has specialists sweeping away business risks every day.

31 Mar

Business and Company Searches & Background Checks

Our business bureau people have been working around the clock since the COVID-19 epidemic reached Australia. The situation is still fluid with people sheltering, falling ill, and some even dying.  Much knowledge is suspended. Reference and background checks are becoming more difficult. Criminals are taking advantage but our business and company searches find them out.

08 Feb

Bug Sweeping and Other TSCM Strategies

Bug sweeping is an established technical surveillance counter measure in the private detective’s toolkit. Other TSCM categories include active awareness, counter bugging the offender, and even surreptitiously following them about their business. However today we focus on bug sweeping itself, in other words uncovering static eavesdropping devices.

10 Jan

What Are The Different Types Of Surveillance Systems?

  If you think that surveillance is all about stationary cameras and sensors, you are mistaken. Although most businesses tend to protect their properties with these tools, the world of surveillance extends much further to include investigations and covert operations. This article provides information on the different types of surveillance systems starting from electronic surveillance equipment to complex methods and systems.

07 Dec

6 Reasons Why Background Checks Should Be Performed

Hiring can be a very tedious, long, and drawn-out task. Many times, by the time you have found a suitable candidate, the hiring manager is eager to close out that specific position. However, it is always worthwhile to take the extra step to have a background check run on potential hires. The following are 6 reasons why it is so important for your clients, company, and you to conduct background checks.

29 Nov

Why You May Need a Bug Sweep as Part of your TSCM - Security Risk Management

Australian businesses may be under closer surveillance then they imagine. However this time we are not thinking of the Australian Tax Office ATO. Our thoughts direct to the dog-eat-dog phase commerce is passing through during the pandemic.

15 Nov

Personal Name and Asset Searches Reveal the Whole Truth

A personal name and asset search reveals more about a person than many of our clients expect. They come to us for advice because they are contemplating an important decision involving someone they feel they don’t really know.  Knowing the truth about a prospective spouse, future key employee, or business partner is becoming more difficult in the chaos surrounding COVID-19. Life suddenly seems potentially shorter but we must continue planning for the long term.

15 Oct

Do You Know Your Kids are Safe with COVID Around?

By now we know we need more than a few virions of the coronavirus to generate a serious infection. It also seems likely a ‘shotgun effect’ in a crowd is most deadly. That’s the rational for discouraging large groups forming during a surge of infections. But how do you know your kids are safe when they’re out on their own.

30 Sep

How To Deal With Surveillance Cameras, Audio Bugs, And Location Trackers

The past decade has seen remarkable advancements in surveillance technology. These breakthroughs have made it easier for one to track your location and even listen to your conversations, all with a simple touch of a button. Surveillance equipment and devices are more discreet than ever, making it possible for someone (or a malicious person) to bug your home, car, and personal devices. These devices can lie undetected in plain sight, another reason many people are paranoid of their homes and devices being bugged.

23 Aug

The Causes Of People Missing In Australia

In Australia, a report of a missing person is filed after every hour. The report provides details about the well-being and safety of the missing person. Moreover, the rate of these reports has increased from 30,000 to 40,000 in the year 2019. That is an increase of 30%.

07 Aug

5 Reasons To Hire An External Private Investigator

Dealing with fraud, theft, indiscipline, and other workplace issues can be tricky for business owners to handle. Although most employers appoint one of their trusted staff members to investigate and report, this isn’t always the best way to do it. Such can create hatred towards the ‘investigator’, as the other employees will see them as snitches. However, a private investigator can help get to the bottom of most of these issues without creating enmity between colleagues. Here are 5 reasons why you should consult external private investigators instead.

27 Jul

12 Red Flags They Might Be a Cheater

No one wants to believe that their partner might be stepping out on them. Our partners are meant to be the one person we can trust and love completely. It’s an unsettling feeling, but if you’re starting to suspect that something is up here are twelve red flags to look out for.

12 Jul

Preparing to Present Evidence in Court

Private Investigators may be required to present evidence in court. The most common forms of evidence presented in court are generally interviews and statements. Interviews and statements are basic tools that an Investigator or Security Operative uses to record and verify facts given by witnesses. But what other types of evidence might Investigators be required to submit, what can it include and how do we prepare it?

26 Mar

Locating Missing Persons in a Wide Variety of Situations

Missing persons in Australia are as varied a breed as their intentions are to disappear. However, they spread across three broad categories. First, there are people who deliberately vanish for a variety of reasons.

17 Mar

Tactical Security Counter Measures in the Dark Web Era

The dark web is a world of electronic intrigue on black nets, and overlay networks that require special protocols to access. From there, criminals can snipe the data of decent people, unless they have their electronic shields locked down.

28 Feb

5 Important Benefits Provided by Public Surveillance

These days we are all living under constant threats of attacks ranging from suicidal bombers to solo gunmen. To make our lives safer, many of us choose to have home security cameras installed on the insides and outsides of our homes.  There are also other issues that need to be considered such as public surveillance. Should security cameras be installed in public areas? Or are they an invasion of our privacy?

31 Jan

CCTV For Home or Businesses: 5 Key Benefits

Is your home or business protected?  The world is changing each year largely due to massive advancements in technology and engineering.  Keeping up with the technological advances in your field can mean the difference between a safe business and an exposed one. Installing CCTV (closed circuit television) is a proven option for businesses throughout Queensland and Australia. CCTV is an excellent security measure, which provides a priceless peace of mind that makes your investment worthwhile.

24 Jan

A Definitive Guide to Locating Family Members in Australia

There are several reasons we may have for wanting to locate family members in Australia. It may be the joyous occasion of a twenty-first, or a golden anniversary. But it could a sombre moment to say farewell to a beloved family member. At other times we may wonder how a cousin or sibling turned out. However, finding missing family members follows the same general guidelines regardless of our relationship with them.

13 Dec

Mobile phone and computer forensics

Overview of Our Mobile Phone and Computer Forensics Investigations Mobile phone and computer forensics is a relatively new branch of private detective work. It began with internet connectivity and private networks, but really took off when criminals discovered how convenient smartphones were for undercover communication

27 Nov

Skip Tracing Missing Debtors While the Law Allows It

Australia has a law called the Statute of Limitations. In terms of this, contractual debts generally expire after six years in so far as the creditor is concerned. Six years can pass by with us hardly noticing them but for birthdays and holidays. This means we should not leave skip tracing missing debtors until the last few months.  

13 Oct

Mass Surveillance in Australia: How Private Are We Really

We delude ourselves if we think only we know about our private affairs. The hack begins with our phones, where Australian law requires prepaid mobile providers to confirm our identity. On the internet, Google’s transparency report records a steady increase in requests for information from governments and courts. This form of mass surveillance is also surprisingly common in Australia and increasing by approximately 20% every year.

10 Sep

Cheating Partners Can Be Easy to Spot When You Know How

Many men are bad liars. When wives and other lovers challenge them because they suspect they are cheating partners, the look in their eyes often gives them away. However, some men and many women are tougher nuts to crack because untruths seem to slip naturally off their tongues.

06 Aug

Background checks for personal, business or firearms

Queensland Police Launch Online Background Checks for Concealable Firearms The Queensland Police posted an announcement on February 10, 2019 regarding their online background checks for firearm licence renewal applications. They will however still be available for phone enquiries on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9am and 4pm. Call them on 07 3015 7777 if this is your preference. In case you wondered, they keep their Wednesdays clear for “ actioning of our clients' requests to enhance customer service”.

09 Jul

How a TSCM Investigator Counters Electronic Surveillance

If you suspect a rogue broker is snooping for your ideas to sell to someone later, you need assistance from an Australian TSCM investigator. Call 1300 553 788 now.   You can buy last year’s military-grade bugs on the internet if you know where to look. Slightly more dated equipment is available on EBay, Amazon, and Taobao and it works extremely well. Hence, there is no need for your competition or life partner to bug you with substandard equipment. Our TSCM investigator knows this, but they have the most sophisticated equipment with them as countermeasure.

03 Jun

If You Don’t Do Background Checks You Have Only Yourself to Blame

We should not become distracted by ploughing through a dozen details. Before doing back ground checks we always ask our clients two essential questions.  We are not here to tell you how to run your business, or to pressure you into using our service. However, our modern, mobile society means we probably don’t share any acquaintances with the people we hire.

01 May

Cases of Infidelity Surveillance Where We Made a Difference

We conducted a discreet Infidelity surveillance when the old man became suspicious his daughter’s husband was having an affair. The lawyers sorted the rest

13 Apr

Clues for Missing Persons: Did You Want to Run Away as a Teen?

e wrote this post to share our experience. Many young missing persons cases arise from unsatisfactory relationships between parents and their teens.

16 Mar

Our TSCM Investigator Assesses the Dangers of Recycling Smartphones

Our TSCM investigator suggests your next step is to delete the data permanently from your phone, and retrieve all sim cards from the device. If you have been using the phone correctly, then you should be safe when recycling smartphones.

15 Feb

Which Employment Back Ground Checks Are Legal?

Australian employers commonly do back ground checks on favoured applicants before they offer them the job. However, some questions are legally off limits.  The Australian Government sets the bar high for back ground checks under the immigration rules. If you want to come to Australia, it says, we need the following information. If you don’t provide it we’ll disregard your application. Who’s next in the queue? Pretty much the same applies if you are on the short list for a job.

22 Jan

5 Signs Your Partner Is Being Unfaithful

Has your partner given you reason to doubt them?  Many people say they saw signs that their partner was cheating and chose to ignore them.  In the same way, some people end up addressing these signs without proof. Which causes their partners to become manipulative and lie so much that they ended up twisting it to cause paranoia and insecurity.  Whether the cheating is engaging in sexual relations with someone else, or emotionally connecting with someone at work, a betrayal of trust can be devestating.

18 Dec

Undercover Surveillance Is Your Child Under Threat?

You can’t take a chance when there are signs someone is molesting your child. You need a professional surveillance specialist to find out what is going on.    

14 Nov

Catching a Cheater: 4 Tips To Be Your Own PI

Are you worried your partner is cheating? Your gut is telling you that they probably are.    

18 Oct

Why an Infidelity Investigations Detective Is Better than a Lawyer

When Qld Covert Investigations assigns an infidelity investigations detective to a case, the client goes through a more comfortable process compared to using a lawyer. The greatest benefit is the total confidentiality they experience. Read on to discover more reasons why you should consider this approach, if you find yourself in a troubled relationship.    

03 Oct

The (Many) Benefits Of Hiring A Private Investigator

Have you thought about hiring a private investigator?  Many people think of PI's as people hiding out in parking lots to snap photos in secret.  Some people think that a private investigator is who you call when you have an emergency.    

13 Sep

Why Do Back Ground Checks When There Are Social Media?

Many people believe social media have done away with the need for back ground checks. Why do we offer a paid service investigating people’s back grounds? Get answer visiting this website .    

10 Sep

A Private TSCM Investigator Works in Strangely Familiar Circles

Bugs attach under tables and behind curtains. If someone is listening to your conversations, you may need a private TSCM investigator to find their bug. Call 1300 553 788 in Gold Coast Australia for confidential, discreet advice.      

23 Aug

Infidelity Surveillance Tells You One Way or the Other

If you’re uncomfortable challenging your partner about something you suspect, then you may have two choices. Arrange infidelity surveillance or live with it        

14 Aug

4 Top Warning Signs Associated With Infidelity In Women

Do you know the red flags to be on the lookout for when someone is being unfaithful?  Knowing what to watch out for can end up saving you a lot of time, money and heartache.  As a result, there are many smartphone apps, blog posts, websites, and articles that are focused entirely on catching people that are cheating “in the act”.    

02 Aug

A Missing Persons Investigation Begins at Home

A scribbled note with name and phone number may provide the breakthrough. We scour the room for forgotten things. We know a missing persons investigation may end successfully at home too.    

24 Jul

How to Decide Whether You Need a TSCM Investigator Service

When Sherlock Holmes focussed a pair of giant binoculars to spy on his rival Professor Moriarty, he was using cutting-edge technology for that time. If that ‘Napoleon of Crime’ has been more alert, he might have recognized the great detective by his signature curved briar pipe.    

03 Jul

Private Investigators help find missing persons

An honest answer to the question, “why use a private investigator to find a missing person” could be because we are more focussed, and solve cases.  

26 Jun

A Private TSCM Investigator Keeps an Eye on Things at Home

Parents are becoming increasingly concerned that strangers are shadowing their children over the internet. There may come a time when you need a private TSCM investigator to keep an eye on things at home.      

20 Jun

Does Infidelity Surveillance Belong in a Modern World?

Infidelity is increasing yet there is proof that committed relationships still exist. Thus infidelity surveillance has a role to play despite social change.    

07 May

Managing the Estates of Missing Persons While You Search

Missing persons often vanish in an instant, while the rest of the world continues on as before. Their financial affairs include any annuity income and any outstanding debts. It’s a similar situation to when a loved one dies, except it often takes longer to tie up the legal loose ends.  

18 Apr

An Investigative Background Check Is Better than Hindsight

You should consider an investigative background check before finally reaching a major decision, especially in the event something does not seem quite right to you. More than a few business leaders and politicians have regretted not checking more carefully before hiring assistance. Much the same applies to spouses going through a messy divorce. An ounce of forward planning beats cleaning up a ton of tangles later. However, doing an investigative background check ourselves is not always practical.    

06 Apr

The Role of the Corporate TSCM Investigator

The Role of the Corporate TSCM Investigator Or Bug Sweeping Investigator Qld Covert Investigations has secured the services of an exceptional corporate TSCM investigator with unshakeable honesty, and exceptional digital talent. Being subject to technical surveillance has become part of your corporate life. Your competition is constantly trying to eaves drop on your plans. However, the social media have surpassed the damage caused by a few careless words in a pub, because Mark Zuckerberg’s monster turned out to have a very large microphone.      

31 Mar

You Don’t Have to Put Up with Infidelity When It Knocks

Infidelity creeps up on us silently when we wake at 2 a.m. to find our partner still not back home. Cheating seems almost inevitable with over 50% of men and women breaking their marriage vows.  Cheating seems almost inevitable judging by statistics. [ Read more here ]      

15 Mar

Methods to find a Missing Person in Australia

We have a deep understanding of social behaviour. Knowing how to spot these clues makes this one of our two top methods to find a missing person in Australia. [ visit:   ]    

26 Feb

Bug Sweeping Brisbane Mobile Devices After Using WI-FI

Our agents have stopped using public Wi-Fi unless it belongs to a trusted source that controls access with powerful passwords. Many Australians keep tapping away happily in restaurants, coffee shops, transport terminals, and public buildings. They are unaware of the serious security risks attached to this. We have computer forensics experts specialised in bug sweeping Brisbane mobile and computer devices on hand to tackle the consequences. [ Visit:   ]    

04 Feb

How Bug Sweeping Brisbane & Computer Forensic Became a Necessity

Whom can we trust now. Can we rely on anyone on the web? Is someone listening in to our private conversations.No wonder bug sweeping Brisbane & computer forensic has taken off like a footie forward.   A year is a long time in the life of a president. Americans entered the campaign in all innocence, sharing feelings on Facebook freely. Little did they know someone, somewhere was disrupting their loyalties. A few months on, and that innocence has gone: Whom can we trust now. Can we rely on anyone on the web? No wonder bug sweeping Brisbane & forensic computers has taken off like a footie forward. [ Visit:   ]    

28 Jan

Infidelity Private Investigations

How an Infidelity Investigations Detective Finds Cheating Spouses An infidelity investigations detective may sound a little over the top at first. Some clients imagine an individual with their hat pulled down, and their collar turned up peering through windows with a magnifying glass when we meet. Nothing could be further from the truth of course! [ Read more here: ]    

02 Jan

Why a Missing Persons Investigation Should Start Soon

A missing persons investigation should start as soon as possible, in order to increase the prospects of us finding them soon. For, if we do not, this increases the possibility of vulnerable youngsters and elderly people encountering danger. [ Read more ]    

15 Dec

Infidelity Investigations Detective

Hiring an infidelity investigations detective can be a good place to start in any event. Unfaithfulness can be a one-of-a-kind occasion never to repeat following deep remorse. [ For details, visit the website ]    

26 Nov

When an Investigative Background Check May Play a Useful Role

As parent, you need to do an investigative background check, if anyone your child is associating with causes you concern. You may not know where to start and what to look for first. Call 1300 553 788 in Queensland, Australia for advice. [ Read more ]    

12 Nov

How to Determine If You Need Professional Bug Sweeping

It can be relatively easy to find an electronic snooping device planted by an amateur. After that, it is a good idea to ask a professional detective to check you found them all. Advanced criminals sometimes plant sacrificial bugs to create a false sense of security among their victim, who often assumes that was all they left behind. We dedicate this post to practical tips you can follow to conduct a basic search. After that, you can decide if you need advanced bug sweeping assistance. For details, please visit     

29 Oct

Tips for finding a Missing Person

Information sources relating to a missing persons investigation in Australia may become irrelevant as time passes. Hence, we urge you to contact us soon by calling Qld Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 right away or just visit our another site    

15 Oct

Workcover surveillance

The definition of a work injury sometimes seems open-ended. Workcover surveillance helps employers make right decisions when in doubt. Workcover Surveillance Reveals a Two-Edged Sword Australia’s worker compensation scheme is a great way of ensuring that people injured at work get just compensation. However, the definition of injury seems open-ended, as it covers long-term inconvenience too. Workcover surveillance helps employers make right decisions when in doubt.    

12 Sep

The Property of Missing Persons in Australia

On 21 May 2017 the Sunshine Coast Daily posted an article titled ’16 People Go Missing Every Day in Queensland.’ The journalist quoted an enforcement official saying. “The children are a large chunk of our business. Typically, they go missing after a fight with a sibling, because they have a chore, or they’re forgetful.” This has agonising consequences for their parents, although thankfully most return or someone finds them.    

29 Aug

Drone Surveillance: How Feasible Are Countermeasures?

Drones are moving rapidly from being toys to becoming weapons of war. Drone surveillance is an increasing challenge at airports, where authorities sometimes appear helpless. Moreover, North and South Korea regularly fly drones through their demilitarised zone to snoop on each other’s invasion countermeasures. While in California, law enforcement constantly scans the Mexican border. [ Read more here ]    

29 Jul

TSCM and Bug Sweeps: A Layperson’s Guide

We are unsure where the term ‘bug’ comes from, although surveillance devices can be as persistent as ladybugs on one’s forearm. Perhaps it is because they really irritate us. Whatever the case, they are on their way to becoming as numerous as roaches. On a more serious note, we wrote this guide to tactical security counter-measures (TSCM) to take the wraps off latest developments. [ Read more here ]      

28 Jun

Mass Surveillance in Australia: How Private Are We Really

We delude ourselves if we think only we know about our private affairs. The hack begins with our phones, where Australian law requires prepaid mobile providers to confirm our identity. On the internet, Google’s transparency report records a steady increase in requests for information from governments and courts. This form of mass surveillance is also surprisingly common in Australia and increasing by approximately 20% every year. [ Read more article here    

01 Jun

Age-Progression Imaging to Find Missing Persons

We are delighted to hear the Australian Federal Police have released age-progressed images of people who went missing as small children. This greatly assists people on the lookout for them. Without the updated information, they could be looking at them without realising it. [ Read more here ]  

18 May

The Different Types of Bug Sweeping Equipment Available

Covert snooping has unfortunately become common because of equipment available for purchase on the internet. This is almost entirely unregulated space. Moreover, the suppliers often cloak their business as a legitimate activity. Anybody in Australia is open to a surveillance attack. Fortunately, we have technical countermeasures in the form of electronic bug sweeping equipment. This comes in a variety of different designs. [ Visit here   ]    

01 May

Workplace Camera Surveillance: Is This Legal?

While Australians may have enjoyed their Big Brother television shows, the idea of being on video cameras seldom goes down well at work. There is increasing evidence workplace camera surveillance is bad for employer-employee relationships, and creates an ‘ insecure, nervous workforce .’ Moreover, employees may suffer above-average anxiety and depression leading to lower productivity. [ Visit our website ]  

27 Apr

Infidelity Investigations & How to Tell if You Need One

World media have been busy recently uncovering old scandals. Some famous names in entertainment have been under the spotlight. In many cases, their partners, employers, and friends ‘had no idea this was going on’. Unfaithfulness is as old as human relationships. We have a body of knowledge to share about common behaviour patterns that trigger infidelity investigations. [ Read more here ]  

19 Apr

Missing Persons Research: The Most Recent Numbers

The Australian Federal Government last issued a major report in March 2008. This is in part due to there being no single service responsible for solving missing person cases. The Federal Police, the Salvation Army, and the Australian Red Cross all play their part. QLD Covert Investigations also assists when clients approach us for assistance. Hence, the joint release of missing persons research by the Federal Police and the Australian Institute of Criminology on 24 November 2016 was a welcome update. [ Visit   ]  

27 Mar

Keep Your Personal Secrets Private with Bug Sweeps

If you have a public profile, chances are somebody, sometime is going to want to knock you off your perch, or at least hurt you financially if they can. The preferred route is often blackmail, and some do occasionally commit indiscretions, or at the least say thoughtless things. Bug sweeps are the proven way to eliminate covert listening devices that people with mal intentions leave behind them. [ Read more here   ]    

14 Mar

Workcover Surveillance Investigation

As work cover surveillance experts, we know where to draw the line between images lawfully related to our investigations, and private space. [ Read more   ]     

07 Mar

Important Tips for a Teenage Missing Person

Important Tips for a Teenage Missing Person We do not know your situation but we do our best to give options. Skipping home is NOT a crime. A teenage missing person DOES NOT have to go back home if they do not feel safe. However, you ought to find a workaround for your situation until you can sort things out.  [ Read more here   ]    

21 Feb

Reasons to Consider Bug Sweeps in Your Conference Room

Covert listening devices come in different forms, although they all contain a tiny microphone and radio transmitter. These are not always purpose-made for snooping though. With the right equipment, someone may have already turned your smartphone into a listening device. Given the sensitive nature of discussions in your conference room about your business, and your clients, it makes sense to conduct bug sweeps before critical meetings. This is especially so given the increasing complexity of these covert listening devices. [ Read more ]  

27 Jan

Mass Surveillance in Australia: How Private Are We Really

We delude ourselves if we think only we know about our private affairs. The hack begins with our phones, where Australian law requires prepaid mobile providers to confirm our identity. On the internet, Google’s transparency report records a steady increase in requests for information from governments and courts. This form of mass surveillance is also surprisingly common in Australia and increasing by approximately 20% every year. [ Read more ]    

29 Dec

Drone Surveillance: How Feasible Are Countermeasures?

Drones are moving rapidly from being toys to becoming weapons of war. Drone surveillance is an increasing challenge at airports, where authorities sometimes appear helpless. Moreover, North and South Korea regularly fly drones through their demilitarised zone to snoop on each other’s invasion countermeasures. While in California, law enforcement constantly scans the Mexican border.  [ Visit our website ]  

28 Nov

Rules for Monitoring and Surveillance in Australia

We are all subject to surveillance and monitoring at one time or another. Some of this is within the law, while the balance represents an intrusion of our privacy to a greater or lesser extent. If you suspect somebody is shadowing you, you may find these rules for monitoring and surveillance in Australia useful. We only provide a summary here. You will find the details on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website  

30 Oct

Reasons to Consider Bug Sweeps in Your Conference Room

Covert listening devices come in different forms, although they all contain a tiny microphone and radio transmitter. These are not always purpose-made for snooping though. With the right equipment, someone may have already turned your smartphone into a listening device. Given the sensitive nature of discussions in your conference room about your business, and your clients, it makes sense to conduct bug sweeps before critical meetings. This is especially so given the increasing complexity of these covert listening devices. [ Read more >   ]     

16 Oct

What is the Best Way to Find a Young Missing Person?

The single most important thing is not to panic about your young missing person. Teens quite often stay over with each other, and in the excitement forget to call home to explain. On other occasions, they simply party all night until dawn. We all did that when we were young – or most of us – so it often more of the same thing. However, there does come a time when we may realise we have to take action. Visit the site     

03 Oct

Should You Back Ground Check Your Daughter’s Fiancé

This is an interesting question and worth considering carefully. When the young man asks for your permission, you at least have the right in theory to refuse. If you are going to give your daughter away then it could be an idea to know a little more about the suitor. The secret is making sure nobody knows you are doing a back ground check. [ Read more here   ]  

25 Sep

Factors to Consider When Doing a Back Ground Check

Doing a back ground check before hiring staff has become essential. This is especially true for digitised procedures, where we can be unsure what an employee is up to until after the event. Hiring people we trust is the only defence against this. The only way to be certain is to do a thorough back ground check.    

30 Aug

Surveillance and Bug Sweeping in Australia

Australia’s Surveillance Devices Act seeks to manage the monitoring of human behaviour in order to protect individual rights. It also puts a framework in place to control the use of surveillance devices by state and territory enforcement agencies under commonwealth law. Similar devices are available in the private sector.  Bug sweeping technology is the only acknowledged countermeasure to electronic spying. Surveillance Devices Falling Under the Act.. Read more here  

16 Aug

What Computer Forensics Could Teach You

Computer forensics collects and interprets data on a computer in ways that provide admissible evidence in court. Hence, it follows a structured approach with a clear trail back to where the computer forensics specialist discovered the data. This could be sitting on the main directory, or in a hidden sector on the hard drive. [ Read more ]  

24 Jul

The Importance of Doing a Proper Back Ground Check

Australia has a mobile population, with past generations setting out in search of fame and fortune. The 1990’s recession caused a counter-flow back to the cities. Australia actively sought skilled migrants to restart the economy. The result is a bunch of eclectic citizens who left families and friends behind as they progressed. This makes a back ground check using networks almost impossible. [ Read more here   ]  

03 Jul

Factual Investigations Get You Back to Basics

The world around us constantly bombards our mind and senses with new information. Every morning delivers its own portion of emails. Our diary pages are overflowing. We seldom have time to do anything to the depth we wish. We drift along on the surface of things hoping everything will work out right. We have no time for factual investigations . We assume all will go well.    

07 Jun

Work Cover in Australia and Employee Fraud

The Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act of 1981 places several legal obligations on the shoulders of employers. We thought it would be useful to list the main work cover duties briefly, while considering how to manage the risk of employee fraud. Read more here  

23 May

Bug Sweeps & Dealing With The ‘New Normal’

We really do seem to have traded in our privacy for technology. Every week brings fresh news of hacks in ‘cyberspace’, not to mention the Russians allegedly interfering with American politics. Fortunately for us, our banks generally manage to protect our data with cyber bug sweeps , and we have passwords to ring fence our information too.      

17 May

Are Parental Abductions Missing Persons Cases?

The point at which to move from concern to action really is a critical question. In our experience, many clients take too long to come to us for assistance in tracing a lost one. The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre defines a missing person as “ Anyone reported missing to police, whose whereabouts are unknown, and there are fears for the safety or concern for the welfare of that person .”  [ Visit our website ]   

14 Apr

Employee Background Checks: A Question of the Care We Take

An employer takes a chance nowadays if they hire an employee ‘off the street’ based on their CV, plus a few references. What has changed is the ease with which applicants stage-manage CV’s and employment letters. Information available from our facebooks, twitters, and blogs enables them to touch our pain points, and appear to be the ideal person we are looking for urgently. Instead of ‘going in where angels fear to tread’ we should do a series of proper background checks. [ Read more here  

14 Mar

More to Surveillance than Tailing a Suspect

The indomitable Sherlock Holmes relied on astute observation to track down suspects. Every detail mattered as this conversation with his assistant, Watson shows. ‘ Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention regarding the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Watson?’ ‘The dog did nothing in the night-time, Sherlock.’ ‘Then that was the curious incident,’ remarked Holmes. Nowadays, there is more to surveillance than tailing a suspect and observing dogs. This is thanks to advances in technology.  Read more here  

06 Mar

The Value a Private Detective Adds to a Criminal Defence

Finding oneself, or ones child embroiled in criminal charges can be one of the most unnerving experiences we may ever have. The Australian Police are thorough, and they have a vast array of specialist resources available. Yet they do make mistakes, whether in substance or the way they load a case. Qld Covert Investigations assists private clients, and criminal defence teams, with gathering counter evidence. [ Visit us ]    

16 Feb

Are Police Fraud Investigations the Tip of the Iceberg

In 2015, the Western Australia police announced that ‘fraud has been identified as the most expensive crime category in Australia, with fraud and deception-related offences believed to be the largest category of all federal offences from all levels of Australian courts’. They added that only 25 percent of fraud cases ever reach their attention. This confirms that police fraud investigations really are the tip of the iceberg.  Read more article here >  

13 Feb

Two Ways WorkCover Investigations Can Save You Money

While most Queensland employers welcome the labour stability that WorkCover brings, they do run risks of having to shell out more money than usual for reasons that are seldom of their own making. The main causes are supervisors and employees not following health and safety rules, and fraud committed by rogue employees.  Read more here :    

24 Jan

How Cheating Spouses Get Away With It

Discovering one is living with one of those cheating spouses we thought we would only know on television, is horrible. The rug is swept out from under out feet. Our support systems are in tatters. Worst of all, our ego has taken a hard knock. We thought we would share knowledge gained from the cheating spouse cases we investigated, in case you find yourself in the same space.  Read more :    

03 Jan

The Indispensable Role of CCTV and Electronic Security

Electronic circuit boards are a pivotal factor in our lives. Without them, our car keys would not work and our engines would not start. None of our kitchen appliances would function either, and as for our computers, life would be a disaster. Computer hacking and electronic bugging are unfortunate by-products. Thank heavens we have CCTV and electronic security to help us counter them.    

08 Dec

Bug Sweeps and How to Sweep for Bugs

Listening devices are commonplace in Australia. Anyone can purchase a fair quality one on the internet for a reasonable price. A dishonest person can learn about their competition’s plans by leaving one at an expo. With assistance from an insider, almost anything is possible. It is no wonder we get so many calls from people about bug sweeps. [ Visit the site }    

29 Nov

What is Polygraph Testing & Is It Legal?

The polygraph – or lie detector - method relies on the synergetic relationship between our minds and bodies. For example, when we feel stressed we may develop severe headaches. When we have a bad dose of flu, our minds may be dull and confused. This is the basis of holistic medicine. It is also the rationale behind polygraph testing.

08 Nov

Tracing Missing persons in Queensland

Even by Australian standards, Queensland, Australia is a vast and spread-out space. We are the second largest member of this commonwealth, with a total land area of 1,8 million square kilometres, a 4.7 million population, a 6,973 kilometre coastline, and a border with the Northern Territory, South Australia, and New South Wales 3,339 kilometres long. This makes tracking down missing persons in QLD a challenge. [ Visit our site ]    

28 Oct

Locating Missing Tenants to Claim Damages

Although the law regarding property owners and tenants varies between different Australian states, all tenants have a general duty to comply with their lease agreement, provided this also complies with the law. While property owners have the right to claim damages, locating missing tenants who absconded may be difficult. [ Click here to read more ]    

03 Oct

The Many Benefits of Background Checks on People

The benefits of background checks are many. We really ought to make the effort before we move in with someone, hire an employee / take on a contractor, promote someone to a senior position, or go into business with a partner. Even if we feel we know them well already, friendship can obscure a multitude of sins. Read more:  

23 Sep

Bug Sweeping: The Only Deterrent Against Electronic Surveillance

Bugs and bug sweeping mean different things to different people. Bugs that destroy crops are the natural curse of farmers, while bugs in computer programs are more likely to be coding errors. Bugging someone means being a nuisance in some parts of the country. Audio surveillance bug listening devices are the worst of the lot. They are also easy to buy on Google. Read more:  

11 Sep

Family Courts & Asset Determination

The Family Court in Australia adjudicates disputes between partners, custody of children, and other family matters. Like other courts of law, it may only consider evidence presented. It is of the utmost importance that a family court is aware of interested parties’ assets, before deciding on their distribution, and maintenance responsibilities for minors. Asset determination can have a huge influence on the welfare of children under single parent custody. Read more  

16 Aug

Tips for Finding Missing Persons in Queensland

Queensland rejoices under the name Sunshine State, yet parts of it are still semi-explored or sparsely populated, for example the Bunya Mountains, the Great Dividing Range, and the shady canopies of the Godwana Forests. If somebody wanted to vanish forever there, they most likely could in one of those remote places. Finding missing persons in Queensland regions like these can be a major challenge, although we have been successful. [ Visit ]  

02 Aug

4 Tips to Help the Police Find a Missing Person

Discovering someone is missing you have not seen or heard from for a while, can be unnerving and it is easy to panic and expect the worst. We have a 95% chance of them returning safely in a week or less. We also need to be practical and find someone to turn to, to help find a missing person in case they do not come back soon. This could be the police, a trusted friend, or a private investigator such as us.  Read more-  

27 Jul

Workcover Surveillance & Disproving False Injury Claims

Australia’s Workcover, or Worksafe system is a two-edged sword. One the one hand, it is an excellent way of assuring safer working practices. On the other hand, some employees use it to lodge fraudulent claims. This can result in innocent employers incurring penalties for allegedly failing to comply, and paying higher insurance premiums in the future too. If you find yourself in the latter situation, our Workcover Surveillance Service may be worth considering. We have experienced QLD Covert Investigations detectives who know where to start, and what to look for. Read more  

13 Jul

Bug Sweeps - Is Your Home or Office Bugged?

At least two types of bugs are unwelcome in our offices and homes. The ones we are thinking of are termites and woodborers, and electronic devices that eavesdrop on what we say and do. Essentially, these are tiny microphones and cameras with Internet capability to transmit the data live to a remote listening point. When they are in place, your home or office is said to have been bugged. Read more >  

04 Jul

Missing Persons: Finding Family, Friends & Debtors

Tens of thousands of Australians ‘fall off the radar’ every year. Ninety-five percent of them resurface within a few days or weeks. The remaining missing persons may be family, friends, or debtors, but they all have one thing in common. They leave a hole behind them we find difficult to fill, and we never really give up hope of trying. Missing persons often leave their assets behind in suspension, until a competent court presumes they have passed away based on evidence before it. Meanwhile, family members depending on them for support may have to rely on others for assistance. Many businesses have gone into liquidation because of money owed by missing debtors. [ Visit this website ]  

22 Jun

Business and Personal Background Checks & Why We Need Them

There is a case for saying if we checked our business partners and our spouses out before engaging, as carefully as we choose the colours of our motor cars and read mobile phone reviews, the world would be a better place with less conflict. But of course we don’t, because we are afraid of being underhand when everything is going smoothly, and we do not want to rock the boat.   

02 Jun

How Insurance Investigations Minimise Claims and Premium Increases

Insurance fraud and insurance investigations are on the increase, with claimants often overstating damages, and claiming for incidents that never happened. We become innocent victims when a third party sues us for excessive damages after a motor accident. Passing the problem to our insurer is one thing. Seeing increased premiums on our bank statements is another matter.  

11 May

Surveillance in Brisbane – How to Know the Truth

Some of us go through life with our hope in humankind intact, although our trust in our compatriots may have a few large dents. Each time we log onto a news site, the links confront us with stories of labour unrest, partnership fraud, messy divorces, people trafficking, and child abuse we wish that we could stop. Part of our concern is down to the electronic media. News travels so fast nowadays that it conveys the impression that chaos is all around us. Read more -  

27 Apr

Bug sweeping in Brisbane – How to Know the Truth

Some of us go through life with our hope in humankind intact, although our trust in our compatriots may have a few large dents. Each time we log onto a news site, the links confront us with stories of labour unrest, partnership fraud, messy divorces, people trafficking, and child abuse we wish that we could stop. Part of our concern is down to the electronic media. News travels so fast nowadays that it conveys the impression that chaos is all around us. Read more-  

20 Apr

Is Someone Listening In? TSCM Could Sweep the Bugs Away

Technical surveillance has come a long way since the legendary Sherlock Holmes examined evidence through a magnifying glass while sucking on his iconic pipe. Technology has developed to the point where someone remote can turn our cell phones into bugs, and an innocent gift of flowers can become a camera. That is when TSCM – Bug Sweeping becomes the only known solution short of burning the building down.  

10 Apr

Helping Lawyers and Finance Companies Locate Debtors with Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the art of finding someone who vanished with someone else’s money or possessions. The first U.S. private detectives were gun-toting cowboys, riding posse to track down bank robbers who skipped town with the loot after robbing a bank. They were expert trackers capable of picking up clues from crushed leaves and broken twigs. They could trace a missing person without any of the technical advantages we have.

20 Mar

Infidelity and How to Catch a Cheating Partner

Partners develop similar values as the years pass by. They adopt complementary routines, and learn to divide the chores between them to avoid conflict. If one partner falls for temptation and starts cheating, they soon begin to display some of their new lover’s characteristics too. Signs of infidelity like these are easy to detect when you know where to look. That is how to catch a cheating partner briefly. After that, you will need hard evidence if you decide to sue for divorce.

14 Mar

Gold Coast Private Investigations – Why Hire a Local Company

We can think of many examples where hiring in a local provider makes good sense. A local licensed company offers many advantages. By way of two examples, we mention a local builder who understands local soil conditions, and a surf instructor who knows where to find safe, but challenging breaks. Gold Coast private investigations likewise benefit from this approach. A locally experienced private eye knows all the and outs of local circumstances, and has insider contacts that might otherwise take years to develop

02 Mar

Bug Sweeps: Brisbane Demand Ticks Up

Google Analytics reports increased interest in our bug sweep services , with consumers staying longer on our pages and more likely to contact us. We also notice a marked increase in requests to find these listening devices, remove them and help protect our clients’ privacy.

02 Feb

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Private Investigator in Australia

Background checks, stock shortages, partner fraud and infidelity all need discreet checking. The two main reasons for this are (a) the allegations may or may not turn out accurate, and (b) a flawed investigation that ends up in the public domain can end up in a litigation court. It can also prove the end of a relationship that in hindsight you would have rather kept. Using a licensed private investigator in Australia could stand you in good stead. To get help, checkout here

02 Jan

Background Checks for Gold Coast Families and Business

We have been experiencing a spike in demand for background checks Gold Coast wide in the past few months. We get the impression this is due to the current economic downturn and the increasing number of scams promoted on the dark side of the internet. We can only emphasise the importance of not doing business with strangers just because they want to be your friend. Read more here

10 Dec

Need an Australian Private Investigator? Gold Coast Provides Answers

The QLD Covert Investigations service is first for many Queensland residents. Why’s that? It’s because they have a large and ample team, respond quickly, and turn in many cases within a few days. Compare that to what you may have heard of others in the industry. If you are after a private investigator, Gold Coast has many choices. Choose the one with a reputation like QLD Covert Investigations has had for years.  

29 Nov

What Advantages Do Private Investigators in Gold Coast Have?

Private investigators (Pi’s for short) are certified individuals with appropriate talents and highly developed skills. The good ones are persistent and thorough, while creative when it comes to solutions.  They work faster and achieve results quicker in areas they already know well. This applies particularly to private investigators in Gold Coast metro, because of the spread-out nature of the place, and the intricate network of waterways and canals.

15 Nov

Infidelity Investigations - Is Your Partner Cheating?

That is an alarming question. You could be on your way to tiresome litigation and eventual separation. How secure are your finances? Custody over children is a worrisome issue. And what about your reputation? You need your counter argument in place. Hell hath no fury like a partner scorned and QLD Covert Investigations is here to help you build your case.

29 Oct

Missing Person Investigations - Finding Lost Family and Friends

There is nothing more traumatic than finding the far side of the bed empty in the morning when you wake, or the cradle unoccupied when you go to feed the baby late at night. Panic steps in, followed by a hollow feeling in your stomach and then a numbness sweeps over you. While it is tempting to deny the situation in the hope that it comes right, the reality is the sooner you follow up the better when it comes to missing person investigations. For details, checkout the website . 

13 Oct

Computer Forensics – What Are They Doing Online?

Computer forensics in the legal sense is ‘gathering and preserving evidence from a computer or storage medium for presentation in a court of law’. lthough commonest in ‘white collar’ criminal cases, computer forensics also has a role in civil and divorce proceedings. As kids become more computer literate, parents are beginning to wonder what they are doing. But that’s usually too late because the kid deleted the history.

21 Sep

Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

Most of the time background checks are not, because the vast majority of Australians are honest people. The problem lies with the other few, who can be adept at covering up. This makes detecting them on your own initiative an uneven contest – except of course when you have a tried-and-trusted private detective in attendance. Let us consider some of the risks you may be facing. Read more here

12 Sep

Missing Person Investigations - Finding Lost Family and Friends

There is nothing more traumatic than finding the far side of the bed empty in the morning when you wake, or the cradle unoccupied when you go to feed the baby late at night. Panic steps in, followed by a hollow feeling in your stomach and then a numbness sweeps over you. While it is tempting to deny the situation in the hope that it comes right, the reality is the sooner you follow up the better when it comes to missing person investigations .

09 Sep

Life is Short: Is Your Partner Having an Affair thru Ashley Madison?

If the dating website Ashley Madison had its way then there is always that possibility - although we honestly prefer that not to be the case. Infidelity is becoming as popular as rugby and cricket in Australia, with couples playing ‘footie’ under tables in every restaurant. Right now, countless thousands of Australian account holders are probably regretting theway they Ashley Madisoned so happily late one night when partner was asleep. Read more -

27 Aug

Is Your Privacy Being Overlooked? You Need Bug Sweeping (TSCM)

Our homes – and our offices to an extent – are our castles where we feel safe to share ideas and dream. Violation of personal space used to be unthinkable, yet with electronic surveillance devices has become reality. What was once the exclusive territory of top-edge security services is now common knowledge on the internet. See this post on EBay to learn more about the threat that only bug sweeping can counter.  To get quality service, checkout our site here

19 Aug

Insurance Investigation – Reducing Your Liability and Claim

To win a lawsuit against you, a claimant must prove you failed in an obligation towards them. In broad terms, this can include an omission to perform a duty, or to respect the rights of a third party. Every business must make a reasonable effort to provide a safe environment for customers and staff. When there is an accident, most of us are inclined to hand the problem to the insurer without doing our own insurance investigation first , and ask them to settle urgently.

11 Aug

Infidelity Investigations - Is Your Partner Cheating?

That is an alarming question. You could be on your way to tiresome litigation and eventual separation. How secure are your finances? Custody over children is a worrisome issue. And what about your reputation? You need your counter argument in place. Hell hath no fury like a partner scorned and QLD Covert Investigations is here to help you build your case.

26 Jul

Background Checks – The Costs and Benefits

These days we all interact with many people, and our first contacts are often via websites, emails and social media pages. As business and personal relationships develop, we move into an atmosphere of trust without much knowledge to base it on. By the time we reach the point of forming business partnerships, sharing personal banking accounts and heaven forbid signing guarantees, we have passed the point of doing background checks . In fact, we feel positively uncomfortable about asking for proof about anything.

21 Jul

Don’t Speculate: Let Our Surveillance Get the Facts

Something caused you to read this post. Are you curious to know more about surveillance , or perhaps you are worried something is going on behind your back? Does your partner stay out late and find excuses not to come to bed. Maybe you are experiencing undue shrinkage in the stock room, or suspect your trade secrets are on your competitor’s desk. At times like these it is tempting to confront a suspect without firm evidence from surveillance, or hope to follow them around unobtrusively.

16 Jul

DNA Profiling – How Semen, Saliva, Blood and Fertility Checks Help

DNA is the biological footprint contained in our cells. Understanding how this works would fill many blogs, so let us just assume for now that every DNA profile is unique (although there is a statistically irrelevant possibility that two might coincide. The courts consider this unlikely and accept DNA samples as a mark of the person who left them.

01 Jul

Missing Persons We Have Traced Successfully

During our twelve years in operation, we have become experts in tracing people who have vanished and reuniting families together again. The missing persons we have traced successfully include young children and elderly persons, spouses in hospitals, birth parents, witnesses for court cases, moonlighted tenants and debtors. We solve most missing person cases within three days, and have a 90% success rate overall.

25 Jun

Surveillance Pictures can be Worth a Thousand Words in Court

When faced with two diametrically opposing pieces of evidence, Australian courts may look for additional facts that support one or other proposition before them. Lawyers call this corroboratory proof because it confirms one or other party’s account of the event. The simplest example of this would be the testimony of an independent witness, although surveillance pictures and or video from a licensed private investigator can be worth a thousand words in court too.

11 Jun

Consider Bug Sweeps If You Feel Invaded

There seems no end to human ingenuity. If something has an electronic circuit and connects to the world beyond, then someone with a will can steal data from it. These covert listening devices /  bugs are a huge intrusion on our privacy, especially if this happens in the sanctuary of our homes or in the private space we call our office. There really is only one option open to you, a bug sweep if you feel invaded, find the right service provider and get the job done!

07 Jun

The Many Benefits of Background Checks

The Queensland Police believe fraud is on the increase . PricewaterhouseCoopers thinks well-educated middle management males are most likely to be involved. This is not a victimless crime and it has brought businesses down. Astute business people can save time and money by investigating the backgrounds of people with whom they associate and trade.

29 May

Is There a Case for Bug Sweeping

It can be eerie discovering someone has violated your personal or business environment. Knowing that unseen ears are listening to your thoughts is scary. As you come to terms with your home, car, office or phone no longer being private space you realise the enormity of the damage. Your biggest regret may be not having bug sweeping done previously.

25 May

Do You really Trust Your Partner?

Click on the link below for more information from licenced a private investigator. Catch your Cheating Partner WATCH VIDEO - click here

12 May

How Australian People Search for Loved Ones

The Australian Federal Police report some 35,000 people go missing every year. Half of these are young people. The balance are likely to be seniors, adults or small children. Of the total number, 85% return within a week and 99.5% eventually. This means approximately 180 Australians disappear every year never to return. Qld Covert Investigations helps Australian people search for loved ones successfully.

11 May

The Private Investigators Brisbane Trusts

Business fraud and abuse of minors is becoming a regular occurrence in Queensland. Open any newspaper and you are almost bound to find a mention somewhere. The Queensland Police Service and the Australian Federal Police are both facing heavy caseloads. It is tempting to turn to a private investigator but who to choose? What qualifies a private investigations company for the title of the private investigators Brisbane respects?

03 May

Proof from a PI.... Cheaters caught out!!!

April 27, 2015: Meet the undercover private investigators cashing in on catching out Australia's cheating partners. 26 Apr 2015.   Qld Covert Investigations has over 85 licenced Private Investigators throughout Australia that specialise in catching cheeting partners. As seen on A Current Affair Monday 27th April 2015  

29 Apr

Ought You to Consider Doing a Background Check?

As little as forty years ago Australians generally grew up in close-knit communities where most folk knew each other, and there were few secrets. Whether you think this was a good idea or not we’ll leave you to decide. Nevertheless there was a great deal of information available to help with lifestyle decisions such as going into business or choosing a spouse, so background checks were hardly thought of.

27 Apr

Types of Missing Persons You May Find

There are three broad categories of missing persons. The first are those who lose their way in a wilderness, or become disorientated through trauma or dementia. The second fall victim to persuasion or abduction. The third group of missing persons that we focus on today are those who vanish as a conscious, deliberate act of which they are fully in control.

21 Apr

How Private Are You Really? Electronic Bug Sweeping Update

The recent hacking into the Sony Pictures database, and America’s technical surveillance counter measure (TSCM) have once again highlighted how vulnerable technology makes us. Hardly a week passes without allegations of high-level government interference. Add persistent phishing attempts and we really seem to be under constant threat of electronic invasion.

10 Apr

Cheating Husbands Brisbane Friends Know About First

Aggrieved spouses are often the last to realise they are being cheated on by their not-so-better halves. This may be because they go through a process of denial, or are so infatuated they cannot spot the obvious. It can be agonising for friends too. They could end up playing double games in the misguided hope of sparing their unfortunate friends more pain. So, what are the tell-tale signs of cheating husbands Brisbane family and friends spot first? Exactly how do cheating husbands give themselves away to those who know where to look but not Brisbane private investigators from Qld Covert Investigations who are highly trained in surveillance.

05 Apr

When Considering a Background Check

As little as forty years ago Australians generally grew up in close-knit communities where most folk knew each other, and there were few secrets. Whether you think this was a good idea or not we’ll leave you to decide. Nevertheless there was a great deal of information available to help with lifestyle decisions such as going into business or choosing a spouse, so background checks were hardly thought of.

24 Mar

The Heart of Private Investigation Surveillance

‘Surveillance’ is the act of observing a person, an object or an event in order to understand it better. An early example of this would be the land surveyors who opened up Australia by charting mountains, rivers and other geographic features. Later, they returned to peg out towns, and demarcate the mining claims that brought early wealth for daring prospectors who followed on from their surveillance.  

08 Mar

The Quest for Missing Persons

The scars left by missing persons never really heal until there is closure when the mystery is solved. The 100 th Anniversary of the Great War of 1914 to 1918 has seen huge collective emotion well to the surface. The pathos revealed through cameo stories in the media has found echoes in the hearts of youngsters whose grandparents were not even born then. Who would have imagined the memory would be so raw after all these years.

02 Mar

Surveillance - The Picture That’s Worth a Thousand Words

It can be eerie waking in the middle of the night and finding your partner not beside you. You call out to ask but fall asleep waiting for the answer. Just before dawn, you hear the front door opening. You sense your partner quietly retuning to bed and wait for an explanation that never comes. You decide to say nothing. You wonder whether to arrange surveillance of the property after dark in case it happens again by a licenced Private Investigator.

10 Feb

How Corporate Investigations Unfold

Corporates, like families also have their problems. These may begin with a simple misunderstanding, but if left unattended can end up in expensive litigation. Differences may be between partners, across the boardroom table, or involve a front-line supervisor and an employee who brings an attitude to work.

19 Jan

Discreet Background Checks at Any Time

There’s an old saying in the industry that there’s no such thing as a confidence trickster or a card sharp without a pleasing personality. In fact, some of the ones we’ve nabbed in the past nine years have been positive charmers (until we caught them out, that is). It is however equally true that not all charmers are dishonest. If in any doubt, a QLD Covert Investigations background check can set your mind at rest whichever way the truth lies.

12 Jan

Are Infidelity Investigations a Good Thing?

We’re quite often asked this question by new clients when they come into the office, sit down and unpack their worries. A marriage that once meant everything to them has degenerated into rancour and deep suspicion, and someone – their legal adviser or a close friend perhaps – has suggested they ask us to bottom out on what is going on. Sometimes they are so battle-weary they can’t stand the thought of going through the stress of infidelity investigations at all.

03 Jan

A Perfect Gift This Christmas

The Festival of Christmas is when Australians get together to forge new links and to share what has been happening in the past year. This is an especially important time for our seniors. Their time is growing shorter, and their grandkids are becoming even more important to them.  

16 Dec

Missing Persons - Locating People the Systematic Way

We’re not sure who said it first, but they got it right when they said detective work is 90% hard work and 10% flashes of inspiration. In fact, QLD Covert Investigations would have it no other way, because we know the secrets to success in our game are thoroughness and persistence. And that’s especially true when it comes to missing persons and locating people with a success rate we are proud of.

11 Dec

Let’s Have a Blessed, Re-United Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year, but the pain of separation lasts forever as many people missing persons in Australia know. At QLD Covert Investigations we are privileged to reunite some of these folk with loved ones. They range from partners to spouses to parents to children to friends who want to catch up. If you would like to celebrate the festive season by re-establishing contact with someone special then please be in touch with us.

03 Dec

Modern Bug Sweep / TSCM Tools

The abbreviation TSCM is American defence security jargon for Tactical Security Counter Measures which we’ll unpick first. ‘Surveillance’ means monitoring or observing, while ‘Counter Measures’ are things we do to prevent it. Finally, ‘Technical’ is a confirmation that we are talking electronic measures and countermeasures.

13 Nov

Threats at Work and Fraud Investigations

A businessperson can never be all things to all people, or be everywhere at the same time either. The only exception we can think of is a solitary writer on a mountaintop, or a bohemian artist on an isolated Caribbean island. Success almost always breeds the need for people to delegate to, and with this, the risk that they may not be as loyal as we hoped.

08 Nov

Catch a Cheating Partner Video

Catch a cheating partner- our new video with signs of a cheating partner and how we can help find out the truth. View the video here

23 Oct

Private Investigation Services Video

Check out our new services promotional video.  View what services we can offer you in our new edgy online video!  View it here

14 Oct

The Comfort Provided by Background Checks

  In broad terms, background checks include examining commercial, financial and criminal history as inputs to decision clients are contemplating concerning individuals and organisations. These often spill over into aspects of moral character. There are a variety of circumstances under which these become relevant, of which a few follow here.

01 Oct

Real Infidelity Investigations

Hardly a month passes without a famous name having it blasted across the headlines owing to being unfaithful to their spouse. These much publicised media infidelity investigations are only the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes, confidential investigators like Qld Covert Investigations maintain an almost undetectable stance.

22 Sep

The Case for Ethical Surveillance

The traditional meaning of surveillance is ‘close observation especially of a suspected spy or criminal’, and until quite recently this was done by one person on another. Digital changed all that, of course. As Al Gore once famously remarked, ‘In the digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?’

05 Sep

Australian Businesses Face Increased Threats

If you need a private detective Brisbane has any number of them. Like doctors, attorneys and accountants, not all offer the same level of personal attention. Many are falling behind in the battle to counter sophisticated criminals. Australians are discovering they need to be more discerning in those they choose  

31 Aug

Five Steps to Choosing a Missing Person Investigator

Words are cheap. If a company claims to be the top missing person investigator and detective in Brisbane, Gold Coast we recommend you look for impartial evidence of this. Any private eye worth their salt should have no difficulty commenting on these five criteria.  

17 Aug

Polygraphs – Fact or Fantasy

Polygraphs – Fact or Fantasy Polygraphs operate on the principle that there is a physical side to emotion. The classic fight or flight response increases blood pressure and sugar levels, for stronger muscles and more endurance. Something similar happens during an interview, especially one with a police officer.

01 Aug

Private Investigation in Brisbane – Your Options

Private investigation in Brisbane – and the other east coast areas that we serve in - is a mushrooming business and no wonder. Our police are facing challenges we never imagined previously. Their resources are seriously overstretched and they can concentrate only on core business. In the past ten years we have seen many private investigators come and go.

23 Jul

Catch Your Cheating Spouse and Partner in Brisbane or Gold Coast

The headline says it all! Your partner has been unfaithful and you want vengeance. But steady on, is retribution your most effective path? To win at the infidelity game you need hard evidence, or you may never catch your cheating spouse or partner in Brisbane, or anywhere else for that matter.

01 Jul

5 signs your Spouse might be cheating on you

Are you concerned that your partner might be cheating on you? You might feel jealous or suspicious of your partner, but how do you know whether your fears are justified, or if you are just being paranoid?

23 Jun

Five Ways to Find Missing Persons in Australia

Confronting a missing person situation is never easy. We have helped hundreds of Australian families reunite, and share your trauma if you are personally affected. In the process we have helped reunite children with their mums, elderly relatives with their sons and daughters, confused teenagers with their parents and restless spouses with each other. We decide to share a few solutions for you to consider.

17 Jun

Infidelity Investigations – Last Resort or Sensible Precaution

Infidelity means ‘the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner’. Judging by media reports some Australians are guilty on both counts. In a broader sense, a business partner can also be undependable.  This raises the question of whether infidelity investigations should be pre-emptive tools, or ‘post mortems’ after the event.  

04 Jun

How Bug Sweeping TSCM Can Save You Money

The Australian security industry is as full of acronyms as the internet. We do not think using them is appropriate unless we provide an acronym alongside. TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) was originally an American government expression. Strip it of its official airs and graces and it means getting rid of electronic bugs.

26 May

Qld Covert Investigations Surveillance Choices

Surveillance - which in its broadest sense refers to the act of carefully watching someone or something especially in order to prevent or detect a crime - has come a long way since Sherlock Holmes looked for clues in London with a large magnifying glass as fog swirled round him. The private detective of the 21 st Century has an array of modern equipment to turn to, although the requirement to observe carefully remains.

19 May

Malicious Employee Activity - The Achilles Heel of Business

The mythical Achilles heel was a deadly weakness that took a powerful Greek god down when an arrow struck it. All businesses have weak points too and we are here to help you identify them. These may be new products under development and the marketing strategies to launch them. They can also be as simple as our banking pins falling into the wrong hands.

24 Apr

Has the government gone soft on welfare cheats?

They’re the welfare cheats who scam the system and use the money of decent, hardworking Australian’s to live-it-up. Now, Centrelink is set to scale back the amount of private eyes employed to catch the cheats. The government says it’s going to be relying on online technology such as data-matches to crack down on rorts. But critics claim, the changes prove the Commonwealth has gone soft on welfare cheats. Find out how you can dob in a welfare cheat to Centrelink here

23 Apr

How to Optimise the Benefits of Bug Sweeping

Electronic bugs are becoming increasingly common in Australia, as dishonest people tap into the underworld of bugs. Sweeping is indicated if there are concerns about disgruntled employees, or if an ex staff member unexpectedly pops up in competition. Further reasons are when partners fall out and the business breaks up, or if there is a legal battle on with a third party

15 Apr

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

We surveyed our network of trusted investigators to find out what their experience has revealed to be the most prominent signs of a cheating spouse...

02 Apr

Surveillance in South East Queensland

Southeast Queensland hosts 75% of the population of the Sunshine State, and extends from Toowoomba in the north to Tweed Heads down south. Historically, it was the first part of Queensland to be adopted by settlers, and contains many colonial relics. Demographically speaking, the needs for private and business surveillance in South East Queensland are little different from elsewhere in Australia.

14 Mar

Infidelity Investigations Commoner than You Thought

Hardly a day passes without a newsworthy Australian being reported as unfaithful to their spouse or sexual partner. It follows that they are often untrue to both parties, although most times the ‘offending’ one prefers to stay low. In 2012, the Sydney Morning Herald questioned whether Australians are natural born cheaters. That was after they discovered that 400,000 of us were seeking online affairs at the time.  

05 Mar

Are Australian Phone Directories Any Good for Tracing Missing Persons

The short answer to the question must be ‘perhaps’, because of many variables involved. That said, any private eye worth their salt will reach for a telephone directory at the beginning of a missing persons case, and QLD Covert Investigations is no exception. In this short news brief, we highlight the most important of these variables. If you find your loved one in the phone book yourself, we will be as happy as if you approached us for help.

24 Feb

Personal or Business Background Checks – Are They a Good Idea

From where QLD Covert Investigations sits, we would say definitely, and that is not just because we want the business. At least half the cases we accept might have been avoidable had the aggrieved party done a background check before jumping in blindfolded. We are not kidding. Here are a few examples of what we mean.  

08 Feb

Do Tactical Security Counter Measures Apply to Your Business

At first glance, ninety-nine percent of QLD Covert Investigation clients are surprised we even ask the question of them. After all, tactical security counter measures (TSCM) traditionally belong in the shadowy world of international power balances. When we follow up by asking how secure their data is, they shuffle their feet and admit their computer security could be better.

22 Jan

The Kind of Private Investigator Brisbane Business people Need

The kind of private investigator Brisbane business people should consider first is one that is the soul of discretion, and utterly discreet. That is because all is fair in war, and love and commerce. The fact that you may catch your partner or supplier out doing something questionable may not be sufficient reason to terminate the relationship. In fact, the insider knowledge your private detective uncovers may provide a competitive edge you did not have before.  

17 Jan

Retail Theft on the increase

Today Tonight covered a story last night displaying just how easily and comfortable they are at taking products from stores with ease.  Shoplifters are swift and it costs the public billions of dollars!  Do you have your stock covered?  We have covert loss prevention officers available when you need it most.  Contact the team today for more information or visit our sister company We are a boutique security guard company that has reliable and effective loss prevention officers at hand.  

10 Dec

The Private Investigator Brisbane Residents Prefer

Many clients mention how glad they are to have found us, after searching google pages for a reliable private investigator Brisbane based for weeks. Frankly, we are flattered by these comments, although we have worked extremely hard to reach this point in our business plan.

26 Nov

Scourge of Internet Fraud

Internet fraud is a broad-based term that boils down to daylight robbery on the world wide web. Thieves rob strangers by manipulating their victim’s greed, their desire for bargains, and their natural curiosity. If it sounds too good to you, our advice is to do nothing. If you are unable to resist temptation offered by a stranger, then here are a few of the commonest tricks you should watch out for.

18 Nov

Innovative New Ways to Find Missing Persons

Technology and our modern way of doing things have proved to be a two-edged sword, as our youth struggle to come to terms with themselves, and resist temptation. The internet is as good as any example of this. It has unblocked the flow of knowledge. At the same time, it has opened doors to child abuse that did not exist before. Take YouTube for example. This has become the scourge of many parents, who are no longer sure of what their children have been getting up to with their cell phone cameras. Some wish to ban it completely. Google’s answer is that would simply drive the practice underground. We have to learn to use technology wisely.

26 Oct

Number plate Photography Queried

We receive regular queries from the public in our capacity as the private investigator Brisbane trusts. Currently our phones are buzzing regarding the NSW Police habit of photographing vehicle number plates - and whether this might spread to Queensland. The ABC reports that the NSW Privacy Commissioner is involving herself in the debate

16 Oct

Federal Police Tackle Child Sex Exploitation Innovatively

As acknowledged experts in private investigation Brisbane wide, we make it our business to remain in close contact with Federal Police authorities. We reviewed a report they issued recently on child grooming and procurement, and were horrified to discover how insidious this has become. While the authorities are keen to help, their hands are virtually tied in the absence of a complaint. When they do receive one, their modus operandi generally focuses on monitoring equipment such as computers, mobile phones and other devices with internet connectivity.  

30 Sep

Is Worker Compensation Fraud on the Increase?

The Australian Plaintiff Lawyers Association has expressed the opinion that attention focuses too much on employee misdemeanours, and too little on fraud committed by service providers and employers. While that may be the case, Injury Net has commented that, if insurance fraud were to be a corporation it would rank in the Top 25 of Fortune 500 companies.

16 Sep

How to Choose the Right Private Investigation Firm

Do you have a problem that requires the help of a private investigator? Unlike hiring a private detective in the past, these days, engaging the services of a private investigation firm isn’t anything unusual, and there are lots of companies out there to choose from  

15 Aug

How Can A Private Investigator Improve My Online Corporate Security?

Internet -related crime is on the increase, and businesses can be at risk from a number of different online threats, including hacking, identity theft, and employee fraud. Technology moves quickly, and threats are evolving to keep pace, which is why it’s important to have good corporate online security in place, and to regularly review it.

30 Jul

10 Reasons a Person Might Hire a Private Investigator

There are many different reasons why people choose to engage the services of a private investigator. Whether you are based in Queensland, or in another state, a private investigator in Brisbane could help you find evidence to support or alleviate specific concerns you might have about a person or organisation; or provide valuable research and security advice for individuals and companies. Here are ten common reasons why people use private investigators.

11 Jul

How Many People go Missing in Australia Every Year?

Approximately 35,000 people go missing in Australia each year, according to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Of these, around 20,000 are under the age of 18. The majority of missing people in Australia are found within six months, but there are roughly 1,600 people who are considered long-term missing, and have been missing for more than six months.

07 Jun
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