Will surveillance help to provide clarity to my situation?

YES, surveillance performed covertly is highly effective in uncovering the truth about your situation. Surveillance converts ‘gut feelings' to hard evidence and assists you in making an informed decision about the situation.

Can you find my missing loved one with only a little information?

YES, the team at Qld Covert Investigations has access to numerous information sources that can help to locate people who sometimes don't want to be found. In the past we have located birth parents, runaway teens, ex spouses, witnesses and business partners.

I'm really nervous about hiring a Private Investigator. I want it to be a secret, will anybody else know?

NO! Qld Covert Investigations is understanding and respects the sensitivity of some enquiries. Our private investigations are performed discreetly and your identity is never revealed.

Can the information received from the Investigator be used in Court?

YES! If necessary Qld Covert Investigations can provide affidavits, statements, video footage and photographic evidence to you or your solicitor to provide leverage for Court related matters.

Do Private Investigators have to be licensed?

Absolutely! Under the Security Providers Act, all Investigators must be licensed. Qld Covert Investigations has a Security Firm's Class 1 & 2 License and Individual's License in both QLD and NSW to perform investigations and surveillance legally.

I think a staff member is taking stock from my shop, how can you help?

There are a number of ways in which Qld Covert Investigations can help, from going under cover as an employee to a secret shopper conducting covert surveillance.

I'm getting a divorce and need to know all of my partner's assets, can you help?

YES, via a number of investigative techniques including factual and surveillance. Qld Covert Investigations will help to uncover financial evidence or other hidden assets which you may be entitled to a percentage of at the time of settlement.

Do you have Private Investigators in Brisbane and the Gold Coast?

YES, in fact we have experienced Private Investigators in Brisbane and Gold Coast and service all areas of  Queensland and throughout other states of Australia.

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