Sep 30, 2013

Federal Police Tackle Child Sex Exploitation Innovatively

As acknowledged experts in private investigation Brisbane wide, we make it our business to remain in close contact with Federal Police authorities. We reviewed a report they issued recently on child grooming and procurement, and were horrified to discover how insidious this has become.

While the authorities are keen to help, their hands are virtually tied in the absence of a complaint. When they do receive one, their modus operandi generally focuses on monitoring equipment such as computers, mobile phones and other devices with internet connectivity.

The “Think You Know” Initiative

The Federal Police website “ThinkUKnow” helps teachers, parents and their children seek information and advice when faced with, or experiencing child grooming and abuse. QLD Covert Investigations welcomes this approach with open arms. Protecting minors from these things has long been part of the priv ate investigations Brisbane residents appreciate that we conduct. When a client calls, it is always our top priority to help.

How We Complement the Police

Surprisingly frequently, the victim already knows the suspected child abuser before the crime begins. They could be a close family friend, a teacher, a brother or sister, or heaven forbid a parent of the child. Under these circumstances, concerned adults may prefer a more circumspect approach until they are very sure. This is especially relevant where the accuser is a spouse scared of their partner.

In these cases QLD Covert Investigations has a significant role to play in stamping out a scourge that is doing irreparable damage to a segment of Australian youth. We collaborate with concerned parents and school authorities to access both party’s cell phones and computers in innovative ways, so that neither culprit nor victim is aware of what we are doing at the time.

Once we have a watertight case, we hold a conference with the concerned adults and hopefully their children. We speak to the Federal Police on their behalf initially, and can assist victims at police interviews if they feel they need our support. If you are concerned about a possible grooming situation right now, rest assured that everything we do is confidential, and that we are one hundred percent on your side.

Warning Signs Need Action

Child groomers single out an insecure individual and involve then in a private relationship where they share little secrets that become far bigger things. Although they can be from the victim’s peer group, they are usually adults already in a role that makes this easier.

Any person suspecting anything untoward should contact someone of the calibre of QLD Covert Investigations. You can avail yourself of priv ate investigation Brisbane based or anywhere on the Gold Coast by calling 1300 553 788 anytime, or leaving a message on our web form if this makes you feel more comfortable.


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