May 1, 2020

If You Don’t Do Background Checks You Have Only Yourself to Blame

We should not become distracted by ploughing through a dozen details. Before doing back ground checks we always ask our clients two essential questions.  We are not here to tell you how to run your business, or to pressure you into using our service. However, our modern, mobile society means we probably don’t share any acquaintances with the people we hire.

The faltering global economy under the whip of an American trade war is making people increasingly desperate to find work. This increases our likelihood of being scammed, if we don’t accept back ground checks are the right obvious thing.

The Secret is Being Highly Selective When Doing Back Ground Checks

There are usually only one or two things a candidate tries to gloss over. If one is a minor misdemeanour fifteen years ago we probably should not bother (unless there have been more).

We should therefore not allow ourselves to become distracted by ploughing through a dozen details. Before doing back ground checks we always ask our clients to enlarge on the following:

*  What are the major contributions you hope the incumbent will make to your business success?

*  What do you consider the critical success factors that will make, or prevent this happening?

A critical success factor is essential to the achievement of every mission. We can generally leave it up to the ‘troops’ to sort out the rest.

Two Examples of Critical Issues for Back Ground Checks

If you are looking for a super salesperson it is hardly relevant whether they passed, or dropped out of university. That is unless you need a technical salesperson in which case this information matters.

A super salesperson covers their cost to company many times over. In that case, the critical success factor is finding out whether what they say really happened.

When we hire more private detectives for our rapidly growing business our back ground checks have to be broader than their case success rate. We are deeply concerned about their honesty and integrity too.

That’s because they may learn a great deal about their clients in the course of their investigations. Some of these clients are famous names although naturally we never tell.

This is why it is so important to focus on the critical success factors when choosing focus points for back ground checks. We are something of a specialist in the art of background checking in case you’re interested in us lending a hand.  Call us on 1300 553 788 if you need help with our background check investigation service.

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