Dec 3, 2014

Let’s Have a Blessed, Re-United Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year, but the pain of separation lasts forever as many people missing persons in Australia know. At QLD Covert Investigations we are privileged to reunite some of these folk with loved ones. They range from partners to spouses to parents to children to friends who want to catch up. If you would like to celebrate the festive season by re-establishing contact with someone special then please be in touch with us.

We have many touching tales to tell although the privileged nature of the information prevents us from disclosing them. So we’ll just provide a few examples of the work we do, without disclosing the specifics of the missing persons in Australia concerned.

  • Some of our most-fulfilling moments are reuniting young children with their parents. Thankfully, these are not all horror stories, if fact few are. Most times a kid has wandered off a short distance following a few seconds of parental lapse. Our detectives are adept at asking the right questions and following up on cues, and we find this makes the difference.
  • We’ll be the first to admit that teens are trickier, mainly because most teenage missing persons in Australia vanish deliberately on account of some or other misunderstanding. Fortunately for all of us their attempts at concealment are generally inadequate, and when we find them they are usually more than happy to return home.
  • Each spouse case is different because here we are often dealing with streetwise adults with more complicate agendas. In these cases we restrict ourselves to where these missing persons in Australia are to be found. We respect their right to privacy, and leave it to our clients to decide what to do with the information.
  • By contrast, we find it far less easy to maintain our distance where our senior citizens are involved. The wheel turns in old age where their minds may become childlike again. They seldom have a sense of pain regarding their absence. Our advice is to think for your older relative, because they have no intention to stray.

We’ll discuss other aspects of missing persons in Australia such as employees and business partners in another blog. Our goal was to emphasise our sensitive handling of family cases and our utmost discretion.

Christmas is on its way and with this, the time that families reunite. If someone special to you is one of the missing persons in Australia - and you need our help – call 1300 553 788 or discover more on our information-packed website.


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pagedescription: At QLD Covert Investigations, we believe in reuniting missing persons with their family and loved ones for a blessed and re-united Christmas.
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