Detective Agency

From time to time we all have worries about things we can’t quite put our fingers on, and need to refer these to a private detective agency. These include employee theft, business fraud, industrial espionage, infidelity, and missing persons. Private Investigators, Qld Covert Investigations, are experts you can trust when these concerns arise.

Completely Confidential

Trust is something that the Gold Coast Surveillance team shares with all its customers, because we can’t function effectively without it. We take great care in ensuring that we are invisible within a Client’s own environment, to the extent they often don’t even know their closest friends might use the services of the same private eye.

How a Private Detective Agency Works

Our business has come a long way since the days of Spencer Tracy and Columbo (although our Private Investigation specialists do make good use of intuition still). These days, they have the added benefits of computers, concealed video cameras and other electronic gadgetry. These enable them to obtain levels of objective evidence that were hitherto impossible.

The Burden of Proof

Our private detective agency personnel understand that results of Court cases are heavily affected by skilful lawyers who may sometimes go to almost any extent to win. That’s why we go the extra mile continuously with regard to the quality of evidence that we provide. Our securely archived detective notes are meticulously transcribed into reports, and presented alongside date-stamped videos and photos that constitute irrefutable evidence.

Our Guarantee

Recognition by the Australian Institute of Private Detectives and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited don’t come lightly, and Qld Covert Investigations has both. Our increasing number of loyal customers is convinced of the value of working with a professional detective agency. Perhaps you should come on board too.

Why not contact us for a free consultation by calling 0401 553 551 right now? You could also leave a message and we’ll call you back. Then we can chat about your concerns of employee theft, business fraud, industrial espionage, infidelity, or Missing Persons In Australia.


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